About Graziano Design

Ron Graziano was a successful home designer and builder in Chicago for 25 years. In 2011, during one of the worst snow storms Chicago has ever known, Ron and his dog, a rescue greyhound, found themselves at the bottom of a snowbank struggling to find their way back to the top. That was the day the decision to move to a warmer climate was made…and the start of Ron’s new magical ascent into the world of art furniture.

A move to Palm Springs and the pure joy of living facing the San Jacinto Mountains renewed Ron’s artistic sensibilities, allowing him to recall an earlier love of building furniture while he was in his teens. While renovating and designing an addition to his Palm Springs house he added a wood/metal studio and went to work creating sui generis works of art furniture that convey a beautiful yet practical approach to design.

While Ron works primarily in metal, he also loves to integrate the warmth of wood into the coolness of steel and glass in his designs, as evident in his Mixed Company table and Arc Deco lamp. Each piece is an original created entirely from Ron’s P.O.V. The Arc Deco desk lamp and Bridge table were inspired during a trip to Paris and the Asti table is a sculptural portrait of one of the family’s beloved greyhounds. Ron’s first and largest metal piece was Contemplation, an 80 lb metal sculpture capturing the essence of The Thinker and perhaps reflecting Ron’s mindset as he entered this new phase of his creative life.

Graziano Design offers three current collections: Lamps, Sculpture and Furniture. By clicking on the image in each Collection you will see the pieces that have been made to date. Always in a creative mode, Ron continues to put more designs on paper which will eventually find their way into his studio and emerge as stunning additions to the Graziano Art Furniture Collections. Shapes and surfaces may change, but the artistic integrity of the work will always remain the same.


My Work

Ron Graziano's work can be viewed at www.grazianoartfurniture.com

Available at:

Christopher Anthony Ltd
800 N. Palm Cyn Dr
Palm Springs, CA  92262


Sharpenberg Gallery 2007
Black Walnut Gallery 2006,2007


Commissioned to design two chairs and a table for the President of the illinois institute of technology's office


Ron Graziano